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In a world where stereotype and prejudice have not yet been eradicated, the Hall of Fame reminds us of heroes of the courts and playing fields, who have emerged from a people not commonly associated with sports.

Marv Levy

—— Former Head Coach of Buffalo Bills

“The inductees are representative of the American dream, and I am confident that they have found, just as I have, that people in this country are measured by their accomplishments, by their contributions, and by their personal character qualities regardless of what ethnic group to which they belong.”

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How Long Is An NBA Game and Other Basketball Variations

Images from The average NBA game lasts between 120 and 150 minutes. However, this time includes all the extra stops, timeouts and breaks so the actual play time is 48 minutes which are broken down into four quarters containing 12 minutes each.  This is a breakdown of how long is an NBA game for…

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Fall of Famers

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